Ok well this sux.

I had off all this week but I cooked, cleaned, ran errands and all for my Mom. She's recovering really well :)

Friday Harry came over and we didnt do much and I was a little mad about it. I mean, we dont do anything. I wanna go out ! I wanna go to Center City, South Street.. anywhere. But we stood in as usual and watched tv and I had to give him Mountain Dew to keep him awake.. then we.. ya know ahaha

Saturday was horrible. I woke up, got dressed, did a little make-up and pulled my hair back. I wore my black Philadelphia Flyers sweatpants, black long sleeved shirt, and a black pirate hoodie I just bought and my adidas sneakers aha. I went out to breakfast with my parents and then got my nails and eyebrows done. V-shaped french manicure with light pink lining. They are real cute<3
Then I went to a wine store with my Dad and a cigar store with him also. I cant tell you how incredibly boring that was... I was texting like, everybody.
o0o yea bad news, good news.. bad: my friend Melissa ive known since Kindergarten.. her Mom just passed away early yesterday from cancer :(
Good news: my friend Karla is getting married November 10, 2007 ! She's soo young tho ! She'll only be 20, but hey.. as long as she's absolutely sure she wants to do this its all good :) Im real excited about it. I love weddings<3
So anyways.. after all those litte errands I got home at 3:20 while my Mom and Dad went food shopping. I texted Tiff but she promised her boyfriend she'd go out with him, my other friend Kristin went down the shore with her family, my other friend was working and my other didnt have his cell phone on him and he was out with a friend anyway so.. ofcourse i was stuck in the house AGAiN. ughh. i need a life.
so i cleaned the living room and vaccuumed bc i was soo bored.
When my parents got home I helped them put all the groceries away. My Dad made us steak, garlic potatoes and string beans. i dont like steak so i ate the tinest piece and filled myself with potatoes and string beans.
Then I was bored and pacing around the house lookin for something to do.. at 6 Harry called me and told me he got me a little present at the mall when he returned his pants lol and he'd see me for a sec after band practice then call me when he got home.
Well, he called at like 10:30 and he was tellin me he had fun with Zack at the mall, he had fun at band practice, he saw the old guitar player from Marilyn Manson and then he saw one of his friends and started screaming so i hung up on him. He came over my house at 11:30, gave me my present (its a wristband that says I ♥ Harry") then he left and i started gettin teary eyed. He told me hed call me when he got to his Moms house. It came to be 12 fuckin 30 so I called him. I said "Ok, were you planning to call me anytime soon?" and he got quiet and said "Yea" and was like "Well I cant be waiting till 3 fuckin oclock bc Ive been waiting for you all day" and he again got quiet and said "Im sorry" and I said "I know im being bitchy cause Im PMSing and all but i dont care. You had the time of you life today while I was at home cleaning and shit bored outta my mind and I thought I was gonna see you for at least a half hour. You have fun with your friends but we didnt have fun Friday bc WE dont do anything like normal couples" and he said "Im sorry again" then he said "When I come back Im gonna make it up to you" and I did a really cocky laugh bc he's been saying that for 2 years so naturally, i dont believe him. Then he said "No really, this time I really am. Really" so I just said "Ok whatever" (i still dont believe him lol) so he asked me how my day went and I got all upset and started crying ahaha then we just talked about tv shows and everything else till he had to go at 12:51. He had to finish packing then go to sleep bc he had to be up at 4 to leave at 5.

Today im bored as usual. I need more friends. I miss Harry. I was invited to Disney World also, but.. I didnt wanna take another week off of school in my leave so.. I didnt. Plus, Im getting my period tomorrow.. who wants to be in the happiest place on earth in 80º weather, have their period and be miserable and bitchy. I know I dont so.. ofcourse Im missing out on all the fun while Harry has the time of his life.. like everything else. If the rest of my life is gonna be like this, Im gonna kill myself.
Things are gonna start changing and if they dont, pfft.. his lose.

Ok im done. Ciao

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More clothesSs

Ok well, my Mom had her liver surgery on Thursday. I had off all last week and all this week. I had to take a leave of absence at school (which means the days i took off werent counted as days off) and Im watching her. She's doing really good :)
We've been eating a lot.. haha.. and watching tv.. Ive been real busy cooking and cleaning. I made my homeade gravy, meatballs, and ravioli's on Monday. Yesterday we ordered and today my Mom and I are making our homeade chicken soup. It's soo cold out that soup is perfect :)

Friday I helped my Mom and at night I stayed with Harry. Saturday my Dad was home with Mom so I got to go out with my friends. I went to the mall. I bought a zip-up black pirate hoodie, A black tank top, a black t-shirt thats vntage and it has a skull on it w/ a gun and in silver it says "looks that kill", i bought my Mom the shirt she wanted thats black and in silver it says "Shut up and Rock" and I bought Harry a real nice all black pin-striped dress shirt. He loves it. He wears it all the time now and says its his new favorite shirt lol It looks soo hott on him too. He always wants to buy them but never does so I bought him 1. So now he has 2 :)
I'll have to get him more when I have the money.
Then I went to Tiffs house and we gave each other our Xmas presents finally ! She got me a Faerie stationary kit which I love !, Faerie perfume, and 6 Faerie Lipglosses in my fav colors. I love her :) hehe
Then I went home and Harry came over bc his band practice was canceled. We just hung out.
o0o yea.. my friend got me a SpongeBob DVD with all my fav episodes! I watch it everynight.. at least 1 episode.. So far today I watched 2 lol. I LOVE IT !

Sunday Harry left at like, 12 bc he had band practice. I just stayed at home. All week Ive been helping my Mom and such.

I cant wait for Valentines Day ! I better not be sick this year though lol last year I had a stomach birus for Valentines Day. Im hoping Ill be well this year so I can enjoy it ahaha.
I dunno what to get Harry.. I did, but I just cant afford it and it sux =\
I wonder what he's getting me... hehe

Ok I gotta finish making soup. Ciao !

-Steph xo
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Dang. lol. I really hate the winter =*(**

Anyways... Thursday was fun at school. I got my hair colored all black again bc I missed it and love it. This week Im gettin white pieces in it! YAY! So stoked. Then I bought another outfit at BareFeet. Its a black sexy tank top w/ these weird dangley things on the front. Its so unique lookin. I love it. It looks good on too. I also bought a pair of sexy very low rise tight jeans<333 They have silver rhinestones on the back pockets too. Harry loves the outfit =)
on Friday Harry and I stayed in and goofed off and talked a whole lot. Saturday I had school and I did my Moms hair from 11:20-3:00! I had to strip highlights all over her head of thick curly hair lol, then wait for it to process everywhere, then to put the red toner on it (that makes the highlights the color she wants), then rinse it, shampoo it, condition it, and finally style it. Took forever but it looks so hot. Everyone was sayin how awesome it looked. I felt very good and accomplished, but tired. I got to leave at 3 when I was finished bc I didnt have any breaks all day. Then we picked up Harry. We all went to dinner at Champps. It was really good. While we were there, it started to get SOOO windy and it started snowin! It was nuts! I wore my new outfit so I was cooooold when we got outside. I wore a jacket, but a tank and jacket isnt enough to keep warm hah.
Yesterday I did nuttin haha. Harry had band practice.
Today Im gettin my nails done. yAy.

I know what to get Harry for Valenines Day, but im not puttin it up bc I still dont trust some peoples. Im paranoid like that. But I know he'll love it =)

Im hungry. Im gonna go eat some mozerella sticks.. mMm<3 Ciao<3

-Steph xo

P.S. Harry got a iPod Nano.. its soooo cool haha
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This weekend has been pretty good.

Saturday I went to school and I did my Moms hair. I gave her a hair-cut. Next week Im giving her highlights. But, school was ok. Not busy so I was pretty bored, but I got A's on everything i did on my Mannequin Practice Guide =D

Then when I got home I had to get Harry razors because the one he had was rusty and cut him and since he had half a shaved face he didnt wanna go out lol. Then we both got ready for the mall. My parents took us, but we split up. Well, first, we ate at Friendlys. Then we split up.

First Harry and I went to Hot Topic and I bought a black corset tank-top w/ a black and white striped skirt (w/ the stripes going down) to match. The outfit is hot shiiit.

Then we went to Hot Topic Rock across the way and I bought a Korn t-shirt and a H.I.M. t-shirt. While we were there Harry was wearing a very good and true and smart shirt that says "Re-defeat communism 2008" w/ ugly Hilary Clintons face w/ a big red slash goin thru it, and the dudes there decided they wante dto talk politics till I told them to fuck off so we could leave. He wouldve been there FOREVER talkin to those morons and Im never at the mall so I tore them apart lol.

Then we went to Victoria's Secret and I bought a new bra and Im SOOO happy bc I got bigger! Im no longer a 36C, Im now a 40C! YAY!!!The bra is purple and black and very sexy and I bought a black thong w/ a rhinestone heart on it. Very hotttt.

Then we went to Wet Seal and I bought a black and silver pirate vintage shirt and a pair of jeans. Im again happy bc Im not a size 3, but now a size 2! And i SWEAR ive been eating! Im just a lot more active and more fit.. Im so happy. Get thinner and get bigger boobs, how fortunate is that? Im so bragging and I dont care bc I never used to like myself but now I do lol.

AND My mom ordered me ProActiv so my skin will be flawless.. if so then Id be very very happy. I hate the winter. My skin gets so dry and breaks out. My foundation covers it and no one notices, but I notice and I hate wearing so much make-up to make my face look even colored and nice so now that Im gettin then within the next 2 weeks, my skin will be nice naturally so I wont have to wear make-up! *eEeEe!!*

Omg.. today wa mortifying! I had my first check-up with my "girlie doctor" and I was petrified. I also have a cold so thats the last place I wanted to be. It wasnt bad tho! It literally took 20 seconds and I didnt feel anything really. I also have 3 months worth of my birth control pills free. Then I have a prescription for after I use all those for 6 re-fills.

This morning I felt like crap. Head hurt, runny nose, couldnt talk (still cant really).. nasty little cold. Harry came over at 11 and I made him 9 eggs.. he's the only person I know who can make that many.. ugh lol. Then we watched tv and stuff.

Im so excited for him! His big boss came up to him today and told him he had to fill out a resume and write a letter for the Supervisor job and after he does that he'll get it. Well, we know he will bc the big boss pretty much said it w/o saying it. He loves Harry and specifically told him he wants him to have the job so since he gets to pick, I know he'll pick Harry =D

Thing is, Harry is nervous bc once he starts the job, even tho its less hours and waaaay more money, he has to be clean shaven all the time (which Im so ecstatic about) AND he has to cut off all his hair. I want him to bc its so dead it feels like straw. By time he starts his construction job it'll be back anyway! His hair grows soooo fast.

Tomorrow I have school and we're going to do highlights. We did that freshman level, but we're doing it again so we can really get used to it. Good thing to bc I do my Moms highlights next week on Saturday! Im excited =)

Im gonna be a Junior II January 19th! Then after that Im a Senior then I graduate<3 Then after a couple months like, September or October thats when I go for my state boards. Im excited. Im already guaranteed about 3 chairs in 3 different salons. Its great knowing people lol.

Tomorrow at lunch Im gonna do more shopping. I have $92 left so Im gonna spend some on some shirts and pants. Im excited hehe. =)

Well, thats all. Ciao<3

-Steph xo
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Awe =)

Well New Years night didnt turn out soooo bad.

At 5:30 Harry called and for some reason he had an attitude with me. We talked and first he tried to cut me short, but i wouldnt have it, so we talked and I said "I was gonna go to Broad Street but I didnt have anyone to go with" and he said "ok" and i said "you dont care do you?" and he said "nope" and I was like "Whats your problem?" and he said "No Steph, I dont feel like hearing u complain" and I SWEAR I wasnt complaining! So I got mad and said "Yea you say that bc ur havin a good drunken time w/ ur friends while im sittin at home just how u like it" and he said "Ok, whatever Steph Ill call u in a couple of hours" and I said "Whatever" and hung up. I didnt know what his problem was at the time but I was pissed. Then I felt bad and I didnt think he was gonna call me back bc I hung up on him so I got real nervous and tried callin his Moms house 5 times, his Moms cell once, his MomMoms once, Billy (but Manderz picked up and I told her what happend), then I tried callin Brian and Mikey. No one answered. So I was all nervous and teary eyed (hey, i had my period lol)

So, at 10:30 he called me back and I was all surprised and whatnot. He said "Steph, I am so sorry. I shouldnt have said that to you" and I said "You should be sorry, I didnt even do anything. All I said was I was gonna go to Broad St but I couldnt" and he said "Yea, I know. I just woke up, I was tired and miserable, everyone was actin like assholes so I dont know where anyone is, and Im not having a good time." So, he stayed in from then. He went in at 10:15 or something. He said he couldnt find anyone and when he did they were all acting like assholes.

So then we hung up on a good note and I asked him if he was gonna come over the next day and he said probably not so he can catch up on sleeping.

So the next day I woke up and went to my PopPops and got 2 stuffed animals. One Spongebob Elf and one Patrick Santa hahaha. Then we went to Barefeet and I bought the most amazing pair of shoes everrrr! Then to CVS and home. As soon as I got home I said to my Mom "I wonder if Harry is awake" and when I called no one answred and as soon as I hung up he walked in the door! I was so happy and excited! Hehe.. then we spent the day together.

Tuesday he came over also but he just slept the whole time lol then I cried bc I was sad.. I still had my period so I just cried. I went to his room, layed down on him and just started crying hard and he wokeup and was like "Steph... Steph, whats wrong?... Steph?" So I just told him I missed him living with me and spending time with him cause usually when I see him or when he comes over he sleeps bc of his eird hours at UPS. He hugged me and told me everything was gonna be ok and fell back to sleep LOL I stopped crying and read a book and went to sleep.

Wednesday we talked on the phone and I cried again LOL

Today, he came over and saw me!<33 I was excited again hehe. My period is gone so we had some fuunn.. hehe. Same as tomorrow.. and Saturday.. hahaahaha we gotta plan it =P We watched tv, ate dinner, goofed around, laughed a lot, and talked.. it was nice =)

Saturday after school we're all goin to the mall. Im so excited! I got a ton of money to spend hahahaaaa *weEe*

Well, I guess thats it for now. Ciao

-Steph xo

P.S. o0o YEA! Harry is goin for Supervisor! He'll be workin less hours, but makin like, triple what he gets now and lemme tell ya.. thats fuckin great LOL. He went for it himself too! He has to take a test tho but he knows it all. I hope he gets it!

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Happy New Year...?

I hate New Years lol... but Happy New Year to everyone who loves it =)

I really miss Harry. We had fun last night. We watched the ball drop, had New Years Eve "fun" ;) lol, had our New Years Day (well midnight) kiss.. watched tv, listened to music, bein goofy.. *sigh*

He hasnt called me yet today. He's on 2st in "Froggy Carr". I saw him this morning though. He came over at 10:30 so we could see his costume. Theyre cute this year. I hated them last year lol. He looked adorable this year though. I just wish I could be with him. I hope he's not like, wasted. I mean, New Years is his one time of year to do what he wants.. but I worry about him because their are a lot of assholes out there. People fight and shit. I just hope he dont drink too much bc last time he over drank he was throwing up blood and his nose was bleeding badly... think it was alcohol poisoning. Thats why I worry.. he dont listen to me, and I know his limit more then him. He's drunk by 4! If he drinks more then that he gets really sick.

Im so bored. I hate New Years! Ugh.. Im another year older.. whoopie.. and Im never invited anywhere anymore. My family in Jersey see each other bc all my family live in Jersey so its convienent. I dont do anything. My family stay at home and do nothing.

So today so far my New Years consisted of having coffee and a brownie, taking out my extentions, giving myself a facial, watch Harrys "Froggy Carr" on tv which was boring bc all they do is scream and run lol, then I took a shower.. now Im here. Im so bored.

*Sigh* Whatever.. I just hope I hear from him today/tonight. He promised me I would do.. hopefully hes not too wasted to forget.

Not to mention my New Year is starting off by having cramps, feeling sick, worrying about Harry, being extra emotional and bitchy.. aka.. Im gettign my period tomorrow. Yay.. starting off great aint I? Ciao

-Steph </3
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Loooong time!

I havent updated in forever! Ive been so damn busy w/ school, being tired.. haha.

BELATED MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! haha I hope it was a great one! Mine was wonderful and Im so depresed its over so soon! All that baking, cooking, decorating, and cleaning for it all to be over so quicly =( I wish Christmas was a whole week thing! =P

Well my gifts were awesome this year! Harry did the best job. Hes too sweet.

Harry got me: Dior Addict Perfume I wanted, More Paris Hilton Perfume bc I ran outta my old one, a pink teddy bear from Victoria's Secret that came with a $55 gift card!, $85 gift card to Hot Topic!, Slippers, 2 bracelets, Korn CD.. I think thats it lol

My Parents got me: purple pajama set. The pants are purple w/ cute snowmen on them, an the shirt is all purple w/ the snowman at the bottom, Blue robe w/ stars and moons on them!<3, Colorful blue scarf w/ matching gloves and hat (which i desperately needed!), Harry Potter "Scene it" game!, Adidas sneakers FINALLY! white and pink<3, Also adidas perfume, cute purple socks in different designs, 3 necklaces (one black, one red), 2 bracelets (one black, one red), 2 pairs of earrings (again one black and one red), Elf movie.. I think thats it lol

From Family: a beautiful ring from my Nona.. its so unique looking too!, lots of money lol, $25 gift card to Hot Topic (so all together i got $110 in gift cards for H.T!), $25 gift card to any store in the Deptfort Mall, AMC gift card, Bath and Body works "Sweet Pea" and "Cherry Blossom" collection.. yet again, I think thats it

I got a whole shit load of stuff from Harrys Dad and Step-Mom too lol AND im still not done getting presents bc i still got my other side of the family lol. Im so spoiled, its great =)

Hopefully on Saturday Im goin to the mall w/ my cousins Nina & Lacey. I need to spend my gift card money, and cash!

Christmas Eve I went to Harrys Dads house, then to my Aunts. Sophia is so cute... but she threw up on me and I didnt like that haha. It wasnt all over me and it was just a very little so.. but it still sucked haha. But other then that it was a great visit. Lots of laughs and memories and just fun.

Christmas day after presents Harry left for a couple of hours to open presents at his moms and stuff. Then my Pop Pop, Great-Grandmom, Uncle Kenny, Aunt Lorraine, and cousin Karen came over. Karen was lookin at homes up my street for sale bc she wants to get a home w/ her boyfriend. Thatd be cool if she lived here =)
That was a really nice visit. My Great-GMom gave me a beautiful necklace, and she gave my Mom and I a lot of my Aunt Sandys beautiful jewlery. It gave me chills wearing it. I miss her so much =\

New years is coming up. I HATE IT! Its just a sorry excuse for drunks to become even more drunker lol. Im not gonna see Harry bc he'll be drunk up 2st w/ Froggy Carr so Im gonna be depressed and bitchy bc I think Im gonna have my period haha. So ill be even more paranoid, bitchy, and sad over it more then usual. *Sigh* I HATE NEW YEARS! WHY CANT PEOPLE ACT NORMAL?!?!?!?!?!! I never understood why people would start their New Year drunk, wasted, sick, not knowing what happend.. and so forth. To me, stupid people do stupid things and since Im not stupid Im gonna soend ym New Years sober and Im gonna see my family, eat a lot, and try not to think about Harry =)

Well, thats all for now. Ciao!

-Stephanie xoxox
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i hate cooooooolllllddddssss.. ugh

i have a cold and it sucks.. stuffy nose, sneezing every couple of minutes (literally), mucus in my throat... it sucks. i hate colds. the damn weather changing from spring to winter in a day *shakes fist*

its gonna be 37º out for Thanksgiving.. im so not ready lol. im also not ready bc i dont feel good and i gotta go to Harrys moms house and be around tons of kids and people.. im really not feeling up to it, but hopefully on Thanksgiving day ill feel a little better. i wanna take meds, but the only meds i have is NyQuil and i refuse to take that shit bc it makes me feel like im drunk or stoned.. i dunno, but it makes me feel worse then what i already am. i wanted Robitusin but Harry said all they had was NuQuil.. eh. i havent had a cold in a long time.. since last fall/winter lol im always sick in the fall/winter =*(** couple of people at school had colds so.. its goin around folks.

i stayed home today. shit.. if i dont feel good tomorrow im not goin either.

my mom and dad are goin to Poppi's w/ my Pop Pop and Great Grandmom so i dont wanna be alone on Thanksgiving so i gotta go to Harrys moms.. plus, its only a cold. i think ill live. i hate goin anywhere if i have even the sniffles. i just dont feel.. myself. ill have to work extra hard then. get a nice outfit, do my hair nice, and my make-up.. go allll out to try to make myself feel better. and tylenol lol. Lord knows im gonna need it.

i took my extentions out today bc the glue only stays in for so long.. i forgot how short my hair really is. i hate it. near Xmas im gonna get extentions put in again anyway so.. its alright i guess.

i have $63 saved up for Xmas shopping.. not too bad for not having a job.

alright my mom wants to go on now. Ciao<3

-Steph *sneezes and coughs* =P xox
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quickie im tired

MySpace is ok. its really boring. the only thing fun i like to do on it is change my music and put codes for quizzes i take so it shows on my page.

ill always love liveJournal more<3

Friday was a beautiful night. I GOT MY PROMiSE RiNG!! It's the Claddagh ring.. I got to pick it out and its beautiful and I love it<3
then he bought me a Prada handbag.. orange<3
then we went to Pearl so he can buy stuff so he can paint his guitar.
then we ate tacos at Taco Bell.. my choice lol
after that we went to Tower and I bought myself the "My Chemical Romance" CD ive wanted forever.. and he bought me "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"
when we got home we watched it.. i love it! its soo cute. Johnny Depp is still cute even tho he plays a weirdo =)

Then Saturday I got my extentions put in at school. they look hot.
then i stayed home. some weirdo IMed me with the sn A2l8xt and kept messin w/ me and said his name was Matt Stevenson (who happens to be a pro football player like im retarded and dont know). i have a feeling who was up to it... theyre lucky i didnt find out bc their ass wouldve been kicked. i blocked the person.
Harry got home from practice and we just talked and fell asleep together<3

Sunday was nice! we went to his dads nephews bday party. he turned 8. we played football, ate A LOT, watched "Meet the Fockers" and watched Timmy (the bday boy) open his presents. his parents got him a Air Hockey Machine! IM SO JEALOUS! we had a great time.

yesterday Harry took me to get my nails done and go to the butcher to buy sausage and ground beef for my mom. we werent together long but it was nice =)

today he came over at like 12 and we just watched tv, had sex, played video games.. the usual hehe ;)

now im real tired and im nervous bc my 150 question assessment is TOMORROW! then my Practical test is on THURSDAY! wish me luck everyone! Ciao<3

-Steph xox